let me hold you a while

I’ll gently kiss your face

just lay with me

peacefully, happily

I’ll keep you warm in my embrace

let me give you comfort

and your worries give to me

but only for today, my dear

can you live this happily

tomorrow I’ll be gone

and leave you with nothing

but this warm and itching sting

– the sun

Kaitlyn Davis

8 May 2014


starting a blog

Today I’m finally starting a blog.
I sat on the roof with my best friend, Hailey, and talked about how much I’ve wanted to but always said, “Maybe tomorrow.” But today I’ve decided to say, “Today!”

And you know, it was actually quite simple! I just paid a little bit of money, decided on a domain and started typing. So if you’ve been telling yourself that you should start one but always thought it would be too difficult, I’m here to tell you that is a total lie. I am the worst when it comes to technology! I know, I know, I’m a millenial so I’m supposed to be part cyborg and fluent in binary. But I’m terrible. So that tells you something about how simple it was to start.

Here I will be sharing my random thoughts on life, culture, communication, travel, mental health and whatever else comes to mind. I really have no specific reason for starting this other than I have too many thoughts in my head for just one person. So here it is. Thanks for reading 🙂